5 Things I would put in a summoning circle to summon Spine


1. Vodka
2. A Giant steak
3. Guinea Pig Enthusiast magazine
4. DVD of “The Best of Shark Week”
5. Box of brand new Space Marines

1. Michelle Lewin
2. chili powder and/or ketchup with tabasco sauce
3. something about robots
4. something about goth chicks
5. Danyl


[4:05:06 PM] Alex: yes, spine was drawn to the talk about meat


[7:55:07 PM] TH: so this tokyo jungle game
[7:55:10 PM] TH: the premise is
[7:55:13 PM] TH: ‘humanity is dead’
[7:55:14 PM] TH: animals run wild
[7:55:20 PM] TH: and it’s a survival/stealth style game
[7:55:29 PM] TH: you have an hp and hunger bar and have a lifespan
[7:55:37 PM] TH: and need to survive and like fight other animals and shit
[7:55:45 PM] TH: and oh my god it is amazing because right now i have a pack of pissed off pomeranians
[7:55:50 PM] TH: having a turf war with some fucking hyenas

i need to beat the game as a pomeranian to unlock better animals

but do you get to suplex any boars




Took my break early today (11 AM) to walk these guys. Enjoy.


Bully smiles are the best smiles

ahhhh what a sweet face